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At Malton we do require appointments for bridal fittings.

We know that buying a wedding dress will be one of the most important purchases you will ever make. 

Appointments ensure you have our undivided attention so we can help you find your DREAM DRESS.

Here are a couple of tips to ensure your appointment goes smoothly:

  • Do some research before coming in - have an idea of what silhouette you might like and what fabrics you prefer

  • Know your limits - many a bride's heart has been broken from falling in love with a dress that is too expensive.  Set a budget and stick with it!

  • Keep your entourage to a minimum - we recommend 2-3 people at the most.  Too many opinions can make a brides decision even harder!

  • Natural Beauty - you might like to visit without make up as we will ask you to remove it prior to trying on bridal gowns

  • Adults only - please do leave the little ones at home.  Dress stores are very boring for children.  We want all the focus to be on the bride

  • Have an open mind!  Keep in mind that your consultant knows our dresses well.  Be willing to try on a suggested dress - you might be surprised to find its THE ONE!

    - Most of all enjoy being a BRIDE!!! -

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